The first part of the film has been filmed in Porretta during Summer 2011. We have invested about 50,000 Euros, which is over the 40% of the 120,000 Euros total budget for the film, as indicated in the graph below (click on it for more). The filming in Porretta allowed us to capture the beauty of this pristine mountain spa village, the friendliness, enthusiasm and incredible participation of the local residents and finally the complete transformation of this place getting ready to host this unique festival. We also tried to capture the "soul of the souls", what we call the intimate aspects of the lives of these "legends". We thought that the usual "music documentary" questions, such as "when did you discover your talent" or "how does it feel to have sold a million records", weren't necessary for the kind of film we wanted to make.

We are now actively seeking finance to complete the filming in the USA and then the post-production in the UK, Ireland and Italy. In the US we want to film the stories of our "Soul Heroes" in their own countries, in their homes and communities. We want to collect more insights on how they became so prolific, so energetic, so popular. We will show the places that have made them great and also those which made them vulnerable and maybe misunderstood. We will uncover the intimacy of their relationship with music and with their own character built over the years. We are aiming to complete the US filming segment by the end of Summer 2012.

The graph below is an indication of the budget (Euros):

The following graph is the film Revenues Forecast. In order to maximise cash flow, we have chosen an hybrid distribution approach mixing traditional deals (Theatrical, TV, DVD, Airlines, VOD, that are long sales cycles) with self distribution (DVD, Internet and CwF+RtB, which are short sales cycles)

According to our (conservative) forecast, investing in this film, budgeted for a total of 120,000 Euros, could result in revenues up to 230,000 Euros, which is a profit of about 90% of the principal.
There are still a number of investment opportunities available, such as Eq
uity, Co-Productions, Strategic Industry Partnerships, Distribution Deals, Product Placements and Sponsorships. We are also seeking for local authorities support and possible UK, Italy and US Tax Incentives. Please contact Alex di Martino on +44 7956 827215 or to discuss the available options.