I have been always passionated about Soul and R&B. It is my favourite music.
And I have been dreaming to make a film about Soul “legends” for a long time.

I believe Porretta Soul is the best festival for this kind of music. It inspired me to develop this idea for a documentary which would try to depict the emotions of the artists and the people in Porretta, through a sort of “humanity portrait”. In particular the fascinating merging of these two different worlds -- on one stage the main “actors”, the legends of Soul and R&B, and on the other, the people of Porretta, its families, the elders , the young, the pensioners, the kids.
This made me think of Soul Music like an ocean, which exalts the beauty of life simply for what actually is.
Therefore, I want to tell this story with the rhythm of a musical film, but enabling the lives and the emotions of the protagonists to ooze from each frame, with a mixture of languages, overlapping past and present and having the “souls of soul” dancing with the rhythm of life.

Marco Della Fonte